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AB Split Testing

AB Split Testing Ever noticed that some email campaigns perform better than others? Different subject lines and email content can hugely affect whether a subscriber opens your email. takes time reading it, and ultimately interacts with it. AB Split testing enables you to send multiple versions of a

Monitoring Campaign Results

Monitoring Campaign Results So you've sent a campaign Now it's time for the magic to happen! You can view the results of your campaign in real-time. When someone opens an email, clicks a link, unsubscribes, etc you will know about it.. in seconds! Here's how to monitor your campaign and what all th

What's A Campaign

What's a Campaign When you send an email out en-mass, we call this a campaign. There are three types of campaigns we currently enable you to send. Standard Campaign Choose subscribers to send to, pick and modify an email template, and then schedule your campaign. The campaign gets sent once and you

Dynamic RSS Campaigns

Dynamic RSS Campaigns Automate your email marketing campaigns using RSS feeds. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could design one email template? and then have it automatically sent out periodically with new content each time? RSS Campaigns enable this to happen.  All you need to get started is: The UR