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Approval Request

  This is the first step that you need to do within your account in order to be able to use Maivlio for your Email Marketing.   You need to be as detailed and honest about all the questions that are mentioned there because that will help us determine  whether Mailvio is the perfect autoresponder fo

How to integrate with Funnelvio - Creating Smart Products

  Step 1: Log in to your account at, then select Smart Products.     Step 2: Start creating your Smart Product by completing these steps.   Step 3: At the 4th Step: Actions, Add new action then select the correct information       Step 4: Complete your product and test it

General Overview

This video shares the general overview of the platform and navigation For more specific tutorials please navigate through the platform and if you still can't manage to find a solution please don't hesitate to contact us by clicking on the question mark in the bottom right corner.      

Adding Your Own Domain

Adding your own Domains Using your own domains when sending emails is a great way to both improve deliverability, and look more professional at the same time. There are three types of domains that are used when sending an email...   Email Domains By email domains, we mean the domain that the email

Importing Subscribers from a Spreadsheet

Importing Subscribers from a Spreadsheet The easiest way to import subscribers, along with their details (First Name, Last Name, etc) is via a spreadsheet import. You simply upload your spreadsheet, choose what happens to the columns of data, and your subscribers are imported in a flash. If you only

How to integrate with Convertful

What Convertful do? Convertful is an on-site conversion tool that enables marketers to create and target personalized offers based on a visitor's segment and stage using a range of tools like a sign-up forms editor, responsive templates, advanced targeting, lead recovery, email marketing integration

Adding Team Members

  Step 1: Click on your profile name and go to “company profile”.   Step 2: Click on the “staff” tab then click the “add a staff member” button.      Step 3: Simply add their email address then click “continue”.     Step 4: You can choose the role of that member, either custom role or admin. Step 5

AB Split Testing

AB Split Testing Ever noticed that some email campaigns perform better than others? Different subject lines and email content can hugely affect whether a subscriber opens your email. takes time reading it, and ultimately interacts with it. AB Split testing enables you to send multiple versions of a

Monitoring Campaign Results

Monitoring Campaign Results So you've sent a campaign Now it's time for the magic to happen! You can view the results of your campaign in real-time. When someone opens an email, clicks a link, unsubscribes, etc you will know about it.. in seconds! Here's how to monitor your campaign and what all th

How To Update Your Profile

How to update your User Profile Your User Profile is personal to you. It comprises your personal details, your login details, and your preferences such as language and time zone. You can update your user profile like this... Step 1: Before you begin, you must make sure you are logged in to the MAIL

List Cleaning

List Cleaning One of the most damaging aspects of email marketing is sending to email addresses that are not "valid". If you send an email to an invalid address, your reputation as a sender will be quite badly affected and this will quickly see you hitting the junk mailbox, or even worse, not being

Adding Subscribers

Adding Subscribers   Adding subscribers is simple no matter whether you are importing from a spreadsheet, adding them one by one, or importing from another service. The following guide covers adding subscribers to your group with just a few clicks... Step 1: Before you begin, you must make sure you

What's A Campaign

What's a Campaign When you send an email out en-mass, we call this a campaign. There are three types of campaigns we currently enable you to send. Standard Campaign Choose subscribers to send to, pick and modify an email template, and then schedule your campaign. The campaign gets sent once and you

How to integrate with Funnelvio - Using Optin Form Element

    Step 1: Open your Funnel page, then add the Optin Form on your Funnel.   Step 2: Double click the Optin Form or go to Properties of it, after that, under General Integrations, select the Autoresponder Integration, as well the list, and save it.   Step 3: You can try now if it's working.  

Authenticate a sender in Namecheap

  Step 1: Click on the profile name and go to “Company Profile”.     Step 2: Click on “My Domains” and from there, you’ll see “authenticate” instead of verified. Click “authenticate”.     Step 3: It will ask you to add DNS records to your hosting provider. Copy the CName.   Note: For Godaddy, Namec

Using Integrately

  Step 1: First thing, you need to have an Integrately account and login into your account.      Step 2: Once you login, you must choose Mailvio to connect.     Step 3: For the “App 2”, you can just select any app you want to connect with.      Step 4: After selecting an app, scroll down and click

How To Add And Authenticate A CDN Domain

How to Add and Authenticate a CDN Domain Adding and authenticating your own CDN domains means that images hosted in your emails will use your own domain rather than one of our shared domains. This can allow for better inboxing if one of our shared domains rarely gets blocked due to another customer

Merge Tags

Merge Tags Merge tags are extremely useful snippets of code that you can insert into your email body and subject lines to insert personalization. For example. you have a custom field called "First Name"  and you would like to insert each customer's first name into the emails as they go out. Merge t

How to integrate with LeadSync

What LeadSync do? LeadSync sends instant notifications of new Facebook Ad leads via email, SMS, and to most popular CRM's and email marketing platforms. Respond instantly with email Autoresponders.   Before Getting Started Prior to integrating Mailvio with LeadSync, you need an active LeadSync accou

How to integrate with Poptin

What Poptin do? Built for digital agencies, online marketers, bloggers, portals, and eCommerce website owners seeking to Increase visitors’ engagement, get more email subscribers and, capture more leads and sales.   Before Getting Started Prior to integrating Mailvio with Poptin, you need an active

How to integrate with Digioh

What Digioh do? Digioh allows you to easily build email capture forms, surveys, preference centers, and landing pages integrated with Mailvio. Digioh offers hundreds of form themes and supports multi-step forms, capturing phone numbers, and forms with custom fields.   Before Getting Started Prior t

What Are Signup Forms?

What are Signup Forms? A Signup Form is a way of obtaining new subscribers on your website and growing your audience. You can create a Signup Form using either our Hosted or our Embedded templates with our drag and drop editor, depending on which you choose you will get either a link that takes you

Authenticate a sender in GoDaddy

  Authenticate a Sender - GoDaddy   Step 1: Have an actual email for that domain or have a forwarder setup. Step 2: Once you have that, go to your profile name then click the company profile.     Step 3: Click on “My Domains” tab and you’ll see options to verify the domain.      Step 4: Click on “A

RSS Feature

      Step 1: Go to “Campaigns” tab the click “start a campaign”.     Step 2: From there, select email campaign then name your campaign.       Step 3: Set up your campaign (recipients, template and send)       Step 4: Once done setting it all up, click on “send the campaign” at the bottom and your

Integrating with Zapier

  Step 1: Click on your profile name and go to “Integrations” and click “add integration”.   Step 2: From there, click “view/install” under Zapier. And you’ll see Zapier templates but if it’s not there, you can just click below the “see more Mailvio”     Step 3: Go to Zapier and once you’re login,

How to integrate with Clickfunnels

  Step 1: Go to “signup forms” and create an embedded form by clicking the “create form” button.      Step 2: From there, choose your group.     Step 3: After that, make sure to select “embedded” instead of hosted. And choose any designs that you like from below.     Step 4: From there, you can des

Create a welcoming sequence

  Step 1: You need to click the automation tab, then click the “create automation” button.   Step 2: After that, you will be routed to a different panel page and the first thing you need to do is to create a name for your automation. Then click the “define workflow trigger” to set up your own trigg

Whitelabel the tracking links

    Step 1: Click on your profile name and go to “company profile”   Step 2: Click on “Add & Verify Tracking Domain” and just simply add your subdomain on the field shown   Step 3: Copy the Cname record you need to add to your DNS records.   Step 4: Go to your hosting provider and paste that Cname.

Verifying a sender's email

          Verify Sender  Step 1: Click on your profile name and go to “company profile”             Step 2: From there, click the “my domains” and then click “add & verify domain” and when you click that you need to verify first your domain so just add your email address and click continue.       St

Converting HTML to Drag and Drop

Converting HTML to Drag and Drop Wouldn't it be amazing if you could create an HTML template, upload it to MAILVIO and it automatically becomes easily editable in our Drag and Drop Interface? We'll this is actually possible very easily. Simply add a special tag to any element that you would like to

Adding A Drop and Drag Template

Adding a Drag and Drop Template Anybody can create beautiful, mobile-friendly email templates thanks to the drag and drop editor, with no technical experience necessary. You can simply drag blocks of content onto your email, move them around, edit them by simply clicking what you want to change, an

How To Add Users To A Company

How to add users to a company You can invite other people to become members of your company, along with defining which features and areas they have access to. It's really easy to add new users to your company. Here's how it's done. Step 1: Before you begin, you must make sure you are logged in to t

Setting Up Transactional Emails

Setting up Transactional Emails How to plug Transactional Emails into your Website, Ecommerce Store, App, or just about anything else. Transactional emails enable you to send your day-to-day emails (Order Confirmations, Welcome Emails, Password Reminders, etc) through managed, trusted servers as we

What are Transactional Emails?

What are Transactional Emails? No matter what your business, the chances are you are going to need to send one-off emails to visitors and customers. For example, when a new user signs up to become a member of your site you might want to send them a confirmation link to confirm they own their email

Analytics For Signup Forms

Analytics for Signup Forms Now that you've created and deployed your Signup Forms you can monitor how successful they are at obtaining new subscribers.   Step 1: Go into the Signup Forms tab and here you will see the different Signup Forms you've created.   Step 2: Choose one of your forms and sele

How To Add A Sign Up Form To Your Funnelvio

How to Add a Signup Form to your Funnelvio Now you've created your FUNNELVIO  website you'll want your customers browsing the site to sign up to your email notifications, right?  With MAILVIO we've made it really simple for you to grab the Signup Forms you've created on our website and pop them str

Adding A New Group

Adding a new Group Groups are used to contain and organize subscribers. You can only add subscribers once you have added at least one group.  Adding a new group is very simple. Step 1: Before you begin, you must make sure you are logged in to the MAILVIO control panel. Step 2: Once logged in to the

Adding Subscribers From Copy & Paste

Adding Subscribers from Copy & Paste     A really easy way to add lots of subscribers is by simply copying and pasting their details into the system. The copy and paste tool allows you to do just that. You can copy and paste pretty much anything. The tool automatically scans the text for email addre

Adding Subscribers One By One

Adding Subscribers One By One   If you only have a few subscribers to add, adding a subscriber one by one is a great way to add to your group quickly. (If you have a lot of subscribers, try importing from a spreadsheet or copy and pasting to speed things up). Here's how to add a single subscriber to

Role Based Emails

Role-Based Emails Role-based emails are email addresses like "abuse@" and "postmaster@". Email addresses that are generally used by a system, or a group of users. We have found that role-based are often the cause of high bounce rates and abuse reports and therefore we do block them when you try to

Pollls and Questionnaires

Creating and sending your first Poll Step 1: Before you begin, you must make sure you are logged in to the MAILVIO control panel.   Step 2: Once logged in to the MAILVIO control panel, click the "TEMPLATES" tab at the top of the screen.   Step 3: On this page, you can see and manage any templates yo

The File Manager

The File Manager The File Manager provides you with the ability to upload, manage and categorize images and documents for use in your templates. You can access the file manager when editing any template, or if your visit the TEMPLATES area there is a button to open it towards the top of the page. Q

Adding A Wysiwyg Template

Adding a Wysiwyg Template If you are looking to design a "traditional" style email then drag and drop editor may not be the easiest solution.  Introducing the Wysiwyg editor. A Microsoft Word style editor that enables you to construct basic email templates more traditionally. Here's how to create y

Adding A Template from HTML

Adding a Template from HTML So you already know all about designing great email templates using your own software? Or you've obtained an HTML template that you would like to pop into the system? No problem! You can then use the "From Code" option to add your template to the system. You can even mak

Other Ways to Add a Template

Other ways to Add a Template There are three main ways to add a template: Drag and Drop Editor             Drag and drop EditorSelect a pre-made theme, or design your own from scratch using our unique, super user-friendly, drag and drop email editor Wysiwg Editor              Want a more "tradition

Adding A New Template

Adding a new Template Before you can send an email, the second thing you need after subscribers is a great-looking template.  Here's how you add your first Email Template... Step 1: Before you begin, you must make sure you are logged in to the MAILVIO control panel. Step 2: Once logged in to the MA

Dynamic RSS Campaigns

Dynamic RSS Campaigns Automate your email marketing campaigns using RSS feeds. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could design one email template? and then have it automatically sent out periodically with new content each time? RSS Campaigns enable this to happen.  All you need to get started is: The UR

How to use Simple HTML in Mailvio

You can also grab the HTML code - grab it here

Adding subscribers

    Step 1: Go to the subscriber tab. Click “Add a new group”.    Step 2: Fill in all the fields required. Create your group & friendly name (both should be specific). Then after that, click the “add new group” button below.   Step 3: After clicking it, you’ll be routed to the page where you see al

How To Add A Signup Form?

How to Add a Signup Form? Step 1: Before you begin, you must make sure you are logged in to the MAILVIO control panel.   Step 2: Once logged in to the MAILVIO control panel, click the "SIGNUP FORMS" tab at the top of the screen.   Step 3: On the Signup Forms page, you will see the option to click '

Accounts on MAILVIO Are Split Into Two. An Account Comprises Of A Company And Users.

Accounts on MAILVIO are split into two. An account comprises a Company and Users. When you create a new account, we automatically create a Company with a user associated with it. A user can manage multiple companies. A company can have multiple users associated with it. All this sounds confusing, bu

Creating your Campaign

    Step 1: Click on campaigns, then click on start a campaign.   Step 2: Choose a regular email campaign.   Step 3: Name your email campaign. Then click create.   Step 4: Select the recipient. You can choose from segments and groups.   Step 5: You can also set the “advanced options”. Then click “n

How To Update Your Company Profile

How to update your Company Profile Your company profile enables you to set up the settings and defaults associated with your company. You can change details like the address that is automatically inserted at the bottom of emails, and the default currency for billing. You can update your company pro