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How to integrate with Funnelvio - Creating Smart Products

  Step 1: Log in to your account at, then select Smart Products.     Step 2: Start creating your Smart Product by completing these steps.   Step 3: At the 4th Step: Actions, Add new action then select the correct information       Step 4: Complete your product and test it

Adding Team Members

  Step 1: Click on your profile name and go to “company profile”.   Step 2: Click on the “staff” tab then click the “add a staff member” button.      Step 3: Simply add their email address then click “continue”.     Step 4: You can choose the role of that member, either custom role or admin. Step 5

How to integrate with Funnelvio - Using Optin Form Element

    Step 1: Open your Funnel page, then add the Optin Form on your Funnel.   Step 2: Double click the Optin Form or go to Properties of it, after that, under General Integrations, select the Autoresponder Integration, as well the list, and save it.   Step 3: You can try now if it's working.  

Authenticate a sender in Namecheap

  Step 1: Click on the profile name and go to “Company Profile”.     Step 2: Click on “My Domains” and from there, you’ll see “authenticate” instead of verified. Click “authenticate”.     Step 3: It will ask you to add DNS records to your hosting provider. Copy the CName.   Note: For Godaddy, Namec

Using Integrately

  Step 1: First thing, you need to have an Integrately account and login into your account.      Step 2: Once you login, you must choose Mailvio to connect.     Step 3: For the “App 2”, you can just select any app you want to connect with.      Step 4: After selecting an app, scroll down and click

How to integrate with LeadSync

What LeadSync do? LeadSync sends instant notifications of new Facebook Ad leads via email, SMS, and to most popular CRM's and email marketing platforms. Respond instantly with email Autoresponders.   Before Getting Started Prior to integrating Mailvio with LeadSync, you need an active LeadSync accou

How to integrate with Poptin

What Poptin do? Built for digital agencies, online marketers, bloggers, portals, and eCommerce website owners seeking to Increase visitors’ engagement, get more email subscribers and, capture more leads and sales.   Before Getting Started Prior to integrating Mailvio with Poptin, you need an active

How to integrate with Digioh

What Digioh do? Digioh allows you to easily build email capture forms, surveys, preference centers, and landing pages integrated with Mailvio. Digioh offers hundreds of form themes and supports multi-step forms, capturing phone numbers, and forms with custom fields.   Before Getting Started Prior t

Authenticate a sender in GoDaddy

  Authenticate a Sender - GoDaddy   Step 1: Have an actual email for that domain or have a forwarder setup. Step 2: Once you have that, go to your profile name then click the company profile.     Step 3: Click on “My Domains” tab and you’ll see options to verify the domain.      Step 4: Click on “A

RSS Feature

      Step 1: Go to “Campaigns” tab the click “start a campaign”.     Step 2: From there, select email campaign then name your campaign.       Step 3: Set up your campaign (recipients, template and send)       Step 4: Once done setting it all up, click on “send the campaign” at the bottom and your

Integrating with Zapier

  Step 1: Click on your profile name and go to “Integrations” and click “add integration”.   Step 2: From there, click “view/install” under Zapier. And you’ll see Zapier templates but if it’s not there, you can just click below the “see more Mailvio”     Step 3: Go to Zapier and once you’re login,

How to integrate with Clickfunnels

  Step 1: Go to “signup forms” and create an embedded form by clicking the “create form” button.      Step 2: From there, choose your group.     Step 3: After that, make sure to select “embedded” instead of hosted. And choose any designs that you like from below.     Step 4: From there, you can des

Create a welcoming sequence

  Step 1: You need to click the automation tab, then click the “create automation” button.   Step 2: After that, you will be routed to a different panel page and the first thing you need to do is to create a name for your automation. Then click the “define workflow trigger” to set up your own trigg

Whitelabel the tracking links

    Step 1: Click on your profile name and go to “company profile”   Step 2: Click on “Add & Verify Tracking Domain” and just simply add your subdomain on the field shown   Step 3: Copy the Cname record you need to add to your DNS records.   Step 4: Go to your hosting provider and paste that Cname.

Verifying a sender's email

          Verify Sender  Step 1: Click on your profile name and go to “company profile”             Step 2: From there, click the “my domains” and then click “add & verify domain” and when you click that you need to verify first your domain so just add your email address and click continue.       St

How to use Simple HTML in Mailvio

You can also grab the HTML code - grab it here

Adding subscribers

    Step 1: Go to the subscriber tab. Click “Add a new group”.    Step 2: Fill in all the fields required. Create your group & friendly name (both should be specific). Then after that, click the “add new group” button below.   Step 3: After clicking it, you’ll be routed to the page where you see al

Creating your Campaign

    Step 1: Click on campaigns, then click on start a campaign.   Step 2: Choose a regular email campaign.   Step 3: Name your email campaign. Then click create.   Step 4: Select the recipient. You can choose from segments and groups.   Step 5: You can also set the “advanced options”. Then click “n